Transparency in North Carolina Campaign Finance Data

The Problem

Political funding impacts the leadership and legislation within the state. Without a clear understanding of who is spending money on what within the state of North Carolina, it is difficult to ascertain the impact on daily lives of North Carolina citizens.

Campaign Finance Records are either available digitally or there are manual reports available with North Carolina State Board of Elections(NCSBE). Though the platform built by NCSBE is an excellent way of storing data, and is very useful in finding transactions for an individual committee or campaign, there is a need to establish historical patterns and analysis of funding patterns.

The User

CrossroadsCX is a boutique consultancy that uses modern technologies to create exceptional experiences for their clients. CrossraodsCX worked with North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation and NC State Board of Elections to build open access to North Carolina Campaign Finance Data.

Technologies Used

Zingg, Snowflake, Google Cloud, Snowpipe, Snowalert. Read more here.