1000 Downloads Of Zingg Identity Resolution Python!

Identity Resolution
September 22, 2023

When Zingg got open sourced, we were sure that lack of a unified, trusted view of core business entities like customers was a challenge. We had experiencved this problem for real in our professional journeys and deeply resonated with the challanges with solving it. We also feel that this problem will only grow, as more and more companies begin to plan their data strategies and build warehouses and datalakes to leverage insights to gain customer trust, loyalty and repeat orders. And identity resolution is not limited to customer entity alone. Patients, providers, health care organisations, B2B leads and accounts, products, suppliers, employees - all of them need to be matched and linked so that enterprises can sell more, stay compliant and reduce costs.

Its a great day today for us, as we hit a major milestone of 1000 downloads per month of the Zingg python package. We are happy that our premises have been correct, and we are helping our users focus on critical tasks rather than focus on the nitty gritties of entity resolution!

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