The Comprehensive Resource on Composable Customer Data Platforms And Identity Resolution

Customer Data Platforms
May 23, 2023

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While building Zingg Identity Resolution, we have been watching the space of composable customer data platforms and reading the debates and viewpoints from the data platforms, tool providers as well as the CDP vendors. Collating the links here for a deep dive into composable CDPs, the future of MarTech and the role of data platforms like Snowflake and Databricks.

Covers composable CDPs from a technical point of view, and lays out possible tools that can be used to compose a CDP. Discusses approaches to identity resolution for customer data platforms and how it affects product analytics. Written by Netspring, the product analytics tool provider.

A white paper from Snowflake on composable customer data platforms with an elaborate deep dive into the data platform capabilities and building identity resolution.

This article was widely circulated in the data ecosystem and it discuses challenges with off the shelf CDPs. It also covers identity resolution in depth.

A practitioner's point of view. Lee Hammond is a seasoned marketing technology executive and an advocate of composable CDPs. The above article captures the changing marketing technology landscape and is a great read for marketers as well as technologists. Identity Resolution is mentioned here.

If you are planning to do identity resolution using an off the shelf CDP, this is a great read on the topic by Flywheel Software.

Jon Mendez, Founder/CEO in eCommerce, martech and adtech, writes eloquently on the history of CDPs and their evolution from en executive point of view.

A strong point of view detailing limitations of a third party CDP and why the warehouse should be the customer data platform.

Straight from Andreesen Horrowitz's blog, this is the most recent article we have read about the composable CDPs. It discusses the shift in data stack investments and the beginning of data applications like CDPs. This blog also covers identity resolution.

Explains architecting a customer data platform using the lakehouse

Watch this space as we add more!

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