Zingg Community Meetup on 2nd September 2022

Identity Resolution
September 6, 2022

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Can you imagine what possibly happens when Zingg community members gather for a meetup? They meet and greet - yes! They discuss the new release - yes! But most importantly, they discuss identity and entity resolution :-)

We had a wonderful meetup last Friday with Zingg users sharing their stories on Customer 360 and Spend Analytics using Zingg.

Customer 360 is a critical business problem. If we understand who the customer is, how do they engage with the brand, what is their journey, what is the lifetime value of a customer, we can build our sales and marketing functions to suit the needs of our customer.

Spend Analytics - both for customers and for vendors, is again important. With customers, spend analytics helps us understand lifetime value. Who are the big spenders, what do they spend on, how often do they buy from us. With vendors and suppliers, spend analytics helps us consolidate our supply chain, enable discounting and favourable terms and helps us stay compliant.

Hear directly from Zingg users on how they are building Customer 360 and Spend Analytics systems using identity resolution here. (Also includes a coverage of our BIG release last month)

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